On Saturday morning August 19

August 19, 2017

On Saturday morning August 19 at 1030 am Towamencin firefighters were dispatched to a building fire in the Allen Forge Shopping Center , 850 S Valley Forge Rd. As planned, our commercial fire response includes mutual aid from our closest neighbors in Lansdale, Upper Gwynedd, North Penn, an ambulance from Lansdale VMSC and officers from the Towamencin Police. As a result an Upper Gwynedd engine crew, already out on a community event, responded immediately and arrived first. Our Towamencin engine was also enroute quickly from the Snyder Rd station and was right behind them. This placed two fire engines and 12 firefighters on scene in 7 minutes. A ladder truck and an additional crew from Lansdale's Fairmount Fire Co was right behind them.
All these responders were in service immediately; the police confirmed large fire in a restaurant kitchen and began evacuating those nearby. The ambulance gave a quick assessment too, their station is almost directly across the street.
Within 15 minutes additional fire crews from Hatfield, Souderton, Worcester and Montgomery were either on scene or covering empty stations. A nearby Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff assisted with traffic.
This fire could of had disastrous consequences but, it didn't because of a prompt, efficient and coordinated effort.
In firefighting terms it was held to the area of origin; meaning it didn't grow any greater than where it was when we arrived. No one was injured and the business, although it was damaged, will recover.
Our grateful thanks to all who responded. --Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company, Fairmount Fire Company - Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Upper Gwynedd Township Fire Department, North Penn Volunteer Fire Company, Worcester Volunteer Fire , Perseverance Volunteer Fire Company, Fire Department of Montgomery Township, Towamencin Township Police Department as well as our neighboring EMS and law enforcement officers.

Pictures courtesy of Jim Gray.