we have received an OVERWHELMING

August 23, 2017

we have received an OVERWHELMING surge of new followers on our page, so we want to take this time to say HI!

So, hello to our new followers! Thanks for joining the page! Here's some things about us:

- TVFC is exclusively VOLUNTEER - we all have our day jobs (or night!) and we use whatever spare time we have and donate it back to protect and preserve our community.
- About ten percent of our active firefighters are female, and two of our administrative officers are female as well. We also have a great group of ladies (our Ladies Auxiliary) who help to raise money for the fire company and help us with majority of our functions. Talk about Girl Power!
- We rely on donations and fundraising as a large part of our income. Hence why you see so many posts about our BBQ, or flea market, and Bingo, etc.
- We have two stations - one on Bustard Rd and one on Snyder Road.
- We are family - no, like really, we have so many sets of siblings, cousins, parents and children, its crazy how our strong our Fire family is!
- We use our Facebook to share news - good and bad, incidents, pictures, community events, and fundraisers.
-We are always looking for new members. information on how to join can be found at www.towamencinfire.com

So, hello and welcome to our family! Make sure to come visit us at one of our next events!