We have some things coming

September 25, 2017

We have some things coming up! If you live in the township, you probably received the newsletter which listed some of the fun!

✔️ October 3- TVFC monthly meeting. If interested in joining, visit towamencinfire.com to complete an application.

✔️ October 5- Annual Fire Prevention Open House 7:00 pm

✔️ October 7- Flea Market (8a-12p) and Ladies Auxiliary Hoagie and Soup Sale (9a-1p). Hoagie preorders (Italian or Turkey) can be made by emailing TVFCauxHoagies@gmail.com before October 3.

✔️ October 17- Ladies Auxiliary Monthly Meeting 7:00. The Auxiliary is always looking for new members!

Also, at the Open House and Hoagie & Soup Sale, discounted Merrymead corn maze tickets will be available for purchase! $10 per ticket! (Regular price is $12 at Merrymead)