How many calls did 76

How many calls did 76 have for the 2018 year?

Leave your guess below! Answer will be revealed tonight!


Last night, members critiqued our

Last night, members critiqued our latest incident - reviewed what worked, what needs more training, and how we can better communicate to make our operations smoother.

You will find us training every Thursday night - be it truck maintenance & cleaning, rescue practice or flowing water - we strive to train and train and train because it is what makes us serve our community better.


Today’s #throwbackthursday takes us to

Today’s #throwbackthursday takes us to January 14, 1973. A barn on Anders Road had caught fire after a gust of wind took some flaming debris from a pile of burning trash 60 yards away. The debris landed on the roof of the barn causing the fire.
This incident had 32 men on scene, with four apparatus, and length of the call was 90 minutes.


Did you know that as

Did you know that as a volunteer organization, we rely on fundraisers and donations to fund many of our operations?

We have a GoFundMe page set up. Click the link below and see how to donate!


Early on this New Years

Early on this New Years Day, at 1:30 AM, firefighters responded to a residential building fire in the Towamencin Condominiums. Police arrived first and were told that two people were unaccounted for. Police, followed by initial arriving fire crews, went inside and quickly determined that everyone was out. The fire was rather extensive damaging three properties which are now unlivable. Everyone in the homes were able to escape the fire without injury, one firefighter received a hand laceration.


We are welcoming in 2019

We are welcoming in 2019 and with that, we have some changes in our line up!

Introducing the line offers and executive administration for 2019...

Chief: George Seifert
Deputy Chief: Chris Dolan
Assistant Chief: Vinnie DiPaolo
Battalion Chief: Rich Baruffi
Captain: Matthew Hickman
Chief Engineer: Matthew Parker
Fire Police Captain: Fritz Blum

President: Kendra Dewey
Vice President: Rob Eberle
Treasurer: Michael Gensch
Recording Secretary: Amanda Palo
Financial secretary: Dan Littley


What is your New Years

What is your New Years resolution?

We welcome new members in all areas of our company! Firefighting, fire police, Ladies Auxiliary and Administrative!

Next general meeting is January 8, 7:30pm.
Ladies Auxiliary meets January 15, 7 pm.

What are you waiting for?


Check out our #topnine2018 images

Check out our #topnine2018 images from our Instagram!
Selling our old Engine, our DUI re-enactment, new members, responses and activities! It been a great year! Looking forward to 2019!