We are so glad that everyone came to visit us yesterday!

We are so glad that everyone came to visit us yesterday! And yes, we always talk about how we are a family, but we really wanted to show you how we have all of these families that make up our huge fire family! Thank you to all of our members and volunteers who helped us in yet another successful BBQ!


A little behind the scenes

A little behind the scenes fun as we prep for our biggest event of the year!

See you at 3:30pm! Dinners are $12 each!


What a day!!!!

What a day!!!! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. It means a lot to have so much unwavering support from our family, friends, and neighbors!


Do we need to say anything more??

Do we need to say anything more?? If you're on Instagram be sure to follow us! We are posting some behind the scenes pics and videos! Follow along @towamencinfire


Today, our very own "Hollywood"

Today, our very own "Hollywood" and past fire chief, Dean Miller, took his "last ride" in to work today at the Lansdale Borough Police Department.

Dean, you are truly one of a kind. We wish you the best of luck, and we are so glad we could take part in this special day.

(Sharing this video from our friends at Fairmount Fire Company - Lansdale, Pennsylvania. In the video, you will see Command 76, Engine 76 and Rescue 76. )


North Penn's JROTC

Thank you so much to North Penn's JROTC who came and helped us out tonight as we prepped for our chicken BBQ! Reminder: Chicken BBQ is SATURDAY!


Congratulations to Matt Parker

Congratulations to Matt Parker who was sworn in tonight as a full member! Matt completed his FireFighter I training and graduated from Montgomery County Fire Academy in June of this year. Congrats again Matt, we are happy to have you in our family!


5 days to go! $12/dinner.

5 days to go! $12/dinner. Includes half of a chicken, beans, potato salad, applesauce, ice cream, cookies, and a roll. That's a LOT for 12 bucks! Starts at 3:30pm and it's a drive thru! Show us your hands! Who is coming out for some chicken this Saturday?


At 15:13, TVFC was dispatched

At 15:13, TVFC was dispatched to a vehicle accident on Allentown Road involving three vehicles.

Crews were returning from an earlier incident in the Lansdale borough and were able to be on scene in a matter of minutes.

Photo by TVFC photographer Rob Eberle.


Last night our firefighters and

Last night our firefighters and fire police were cleaning up the station to get ready for the CHICKEN BBQ!!

Guys, it's happening NEXT weekend!

🍗 September 9th
🍗 starting at 3:30pm and going until we sell out
🍗 We always sell out. So get there early!
🍗 $12/dinner
🍗 Drive thru service! You pull in, order your number of dinners, pay the awesome helper at your window and the dinners get put right in your car!

So, who's coming next Saturday to visit??