Today’s #throwbackthursday is a year

Today’s #throwbackthursday is a year in review of 1995!

This year’s total fire calls was 432. Compared to 1995’s call volume of 288 that’s a pretty significant increase!

With increases in call volume comes a demand for more volunteers - firefighters, fire police, Ladies Auxiliary. Are you interested? Check and click new members to learn how to join!


There’s never anyone that has

There’s never anyone that has our backs more than our brothers and sisters in blue.

Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! (This should be a daily thing, cause we love you guys everyday!)

Thanks Towamencin Township Police Department !


Frank Reidy read his LAST

Frank Reidy read his LAST treasurer’s report last night. It was bittersweet for sure, but after ten years of writing & depositing checks, Fund drives, and countless spreadsheets, we are sure Frank will enjoy his new found freedom!

Thank you Frank! You have been a wonderful treasurer!


How many calls did 76

How many calls did 76 have for the 2018 year?

Leave your guess below! Answer will be revealed tonight!


Last night, members critiqued our

Last night, members critiqued our latest incident - reviewed what worked, what needs more training, and how we can better communicate to make our operations smoother.

You will find us training every Thursday night - be it truck maintenance & cleaning, rescue practice or flowing water - we strive to train and train and train because it is what makes us serve our community better.


Today’s #throwbackthursday takes us to

Today’s #throwbackthursday takes us to January 14, 1973. A barn on Anders Road had caught fire after a gust of wind took some flaming debris from a pile of burning trash 60 yards away. The debris landed on the roof of the barn causing the fire.
This incident had 32 men on scene, with four apparatus, and length of the call was 90 minutes.


Did you know that as

Did you know that as a volunteer organization, we rely on fundraisers and donations to fund many of our operations?

We have a GoFundMe page set up. Click the link below and see how to donate!